Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Calls For Peace

With only one day to go before the opening kickoff of the 2014 World Cup, Brazilians are divided over whether hosting the event will provide long term benefits.  Half the country is protesting against the amount of money spent on the tournament, while football fanatics prepare for a month of the world’s greatest matches.

In an attempt to calm the storm inside her own country, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff gave a special televised appearance to rally support for the national football team.  Rousseff admitted that the cost to set up for the World Cup is high, but that the investments will help show the world the real Brazil.

“We did this, above all, for Brazilians.”

Rousseff and the government came under fire from their own citizens over the amount of money spent on the World Cup.  Early estimates suggest Brazil will spend over £8.6 billion by the end of the tournament, with some experts predicting the total could actually double that amount.

Protests have ramped up over the last month as the World Cup kickoff date draws closer and closer.  Brazilians angry about the costs believe the money could be spent on far greater assets like education or healthcare, and accuse Rousseff’s government of illegally spending money on the World Cup.

Rousseff attempted to calm the anger about the money by assuring Brazilians a full audit will document where and how the money was spent, and promised any evidence of corruption will not be tolerated.

“If any irregularities are proven, those responsible will be punished.”

Brazil will kick off the World Cup on Thursday June 12 in the opening match against Croatia – the only football game of the day before other games get underway on Friday.

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