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Football is unquestionably one of the most popular sports in the UK.  Fans feel as strong of a connection to their beloved club as the players who compete on the pitch.

Loyal fans will express their loyalty publicly by wearing the team colours inside the stadiums or simply by walking around the streets.  But many fans will show their loyalty by backing their favourite side to win with a savvy bet on crucial fixtures.

Football fans can place their bets in person at a betting shop.  However, online and mobile sportsbetting has made backing a favourite team even easier.

Some of the more popular ways that fans can back their favourite players are by weighing the odds using:


Asian Handicap

Betting through the Asian handicap format is very popular with football fans who are up to date on statistics.  The in season stats on key players, football clubs, and even historic matches between two opposing teams can affect the odds on an upcoming outing.

Asian handicap betting keeps things simple for rookie or experienced bettors.  Fans can only bet on wins or losses to yield a return on their wager under the Asian Handicap model.  This system eliminates draws from possible betting returns, allowing fans to easily back one side over another.

Since Asian handicap betting uses a simple system, the strength of the football team is weighed by sportsbooks.  A stronger ranked team must win by more goals than their opponent for the betting fan to win the match.


Goals Over/Under Betting

One of the most straightforward ways for fans to bet on games is the goals over/under betting.  The premise is that fans predict how many total goals will be scored during the game as a benchmark to place a bet.

Over/under betting rewards the player if they correctly bet over or under the benchmark they predicted prior to the opening kickoff of the game.  For example, if the total number of goals scored in a game is 4 and you bet over 2, then you win your bet.  On the other hand, if you bet over 5 and only 3 goals are scored, you lose the bet.

However, if the total number of goals scored is 2 and you bet over or under 2, you will get your money back, but you will not receive any additional money.  This betting option is very popular with online sportsbooks.

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